SDC, Gurez

Skill Development Centre in Gurez: A Beacon of Hope for Empowerment

In the picturesque valley of Gurez, located in the northernmost part of Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian Army has established a Skill Development Centre (SDC) with a mission to empower the local youth and women. This initiative aims to provide vocational training and education to enhance the employability and entrepreneurial skills of the community, thereby fostering socio-economic development in the region.

Gurez, with its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, has long faced challenges related to limited economic opportunities, especially for its youth and women. Skill Development Centre in Gurez seeks to address these challenges by offering a range of courses and programs tailored to the needs of the local population. These programs focus on equipping participants with practical skills that are in demand both locally and nationally.

One of the primary objectives of the SDC in Gurez is to empower women by providing them with opportunities for skill development and economic independence. Historically, women in Gurez have faced barriers to education and employment, limiting their ability to participate fully in the region’s development. The SDC offers courses in areas such as tailoring, handicrafts, harmukh sheen and computer literacy, empowering women to pursue meaningful careers and contribute to their families’ incomes. For the youth of Gurez, the SDC offers courses in areas such as hospitality, tourism, and agriculture. These courses are designed to provide young people with the skills they need to secure employment or start their own businesses, thereby reducing unemployment and fostering economic growth in the region.

The impact of the Skill Development Centre in Gurez goes beyond just skill development. By empowering the local youth and women, the centres are contributing to the overall socio-economic development of the region. Through these programs, participants gain not only technical skills but also confidence and a sense of purpose, which are essential for personal and community growth. The establishment of the Skill Development Centres in Gurez by the Indian Army represents a beacon of hope for the region. It offers a pathway to a brighter future for its youth and women, empowering them to build better lives for themselves and their communities. As it continues to expand its programs and reach, the SDC is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of the people of Gurez, contributing to their empowerment and the overall development of the region.

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